Monday, 23 April 2018

4 Fun Ways to Handle Intoxicated Guests at the Wedding

Let’s face it, if drinks are to be served at your wedding, there are bound to be a few people who have a bit too much to drink. There are several ways to keep drinks to a minimum without having to be the bad guy at the wedding.

A great way to curve over indulgence is to schedule when drinks will be served. Starting with beverages before ceremony, and then shutting down the servers for a period of time will help give a few hours to promote sobriety. After food is served and wedding goers have a chance to get back to normal you can reintroduce the serving stations. Make sure that over indulgers have a way home, such as a Phoenix Airport Car Service, helping them reach their destination safely.

Having any type of snacks and foods available for the entire event can promote sobriety. Giving sustenance and managing alcohol levels. In the event that you have a few guests arriving from the Car service to Phoenix Airport, and they are already in a spirited state, you can alert others as well as the mini bars and servers to keep their drink from there out to a minimum.
By all means patrons of your wedding should feel free to have a good time, but sometimes when drinking is involved guests can make a mess of things. You don’t have to send them packing to the Airport Car Service Phoenix Sky Harbor, early but you do not have to support their negative behavior either. If you have a group of over indulgers a great way to keep them under control is to give them something to do that is a bit out of the way of the main wedding.

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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Why Mexican Food is the Perfect Wedding Reception Food Choice

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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Why Mexican Food is the Perfect Wedding Reception Food Choice

Be it you grab Limo Service Phoenix, AZ loves and have authentic Mexican food at your favorite restaurant, or if you decide to cook it at home, there is something perfectly satisfying about indulging on cheesy pinto beans, chicken filled corn tortillas, beef and pepper filled burritos, and of course the chips and salsa.

Limo Service Phoenix

Mexican food is both fulfilling and inexpensive, like looking up cheap Phoenix Limousine Near Me! That is why so many couples have been utilizing this delicious option for their wedding reception food. Whether you have a Latin background, are marrying into one, or just love the taste of Mexican inspired food—we have some amazing ideas for you!

Consider a taco buffet. Don’t disregard the potential for this one just yet! At the front of the buffet line you might start with offering hard shell tacos and soft tortillas, then two choices of meat, like chicken and seasoned hamburger, and then comes the vegetables such as roasted peppers and onions. When it comes to the cold toppings you can offer anything from freshly shredded cheddar and queso blanco crumbles, to guacamole, lettuce, and tomatoes. The best part, it is easy like reserving Phoenix Limousine Service!
Phoenix Limousine Service

Appetizers are a breeze, consider endless tortillas with toppings like hot refried beans and melted white American cheese.

Precooked ideas would be:


Let’s not forget about the drinks. You have so many fantastic options that will completely compliment your Mexican food wedding menu, like mini margaritas or tequila in tiny cocktail glasses. Don’t forget to offer a Limo Rental Phoenix for safe ride home for your guests. Call us today at (602) 730.7122

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Focus during Your Wedding via Limo Service near Me

Getting ready for your wedding involves various bookings and decisions regarding services and vendors. While making transportation plans, choose wedding limo service near me designed to make it easy and disruption free. With us, you can focus on the glamour and magic of the occasion without concern about transit or economics.

Luxury Incorporated

Using a few moments of your planning time to ensure that your source for wedding party bus rentals or limousine service is appropriate is a wise move. It won’t take long to determine if the company is up to the job. Make sure that the fleet’s quality is high, drivers are prepared, and customer service is flexible. You’ll get all that and more with us. We have a large, well kept fleet that has an enormous selection of remarkable conveyances designed to address any potential transportation need. We’ll inject glamour into your day along with reliability and impressiveness. Each of our fleet is fully insured, remarkably clean, and preventatively checked, making it an excellent source for any wedding activity.


The way that the driver addresses your wedding day will have an affect on the occasion. We recognize this fact, so we demand that our drivers understand the importance. In Phoenix, Limo Service Phoenix providing wedding shuttle services or a limousine carrying the bride should be dealt with considerately, promptly, and safely. Our driving pool is full of professionals who we train, test, and screen for background problems or drug abuse. In addition, we demand that they know the area, demonstrate commitment to the work, and operate safely always.


Transportation for your wedding may be for a single rider such as the bride or the couple or even larger. Whether you need small scale or Phoenix group travel services, count on us to provide a reliable ride. You can depend on our chauffeurs as well as our conveyances. Each ride is newer, performs well, and is impeccably clean. You won’t be dissatisfied no matter which model best suits your wedding transportation needs.
While making plans for your wedding, make good choices; you’ll regret rushing into a bad decision. The source for your wedding transit must be professional, courteous, and able. We offer flexibility, variety, and readiness, so make a reservation with our company online. You’ll receive a quick bill and constant access to customer support to create plans that you can count on for a remarkable wedding experience.  


Tuesday, 10 April 2018

12 Games and Activities for Fun Wedding with Limo Service Phoenix

Like reserving Limo Service Phoenix AZ can rely on, mad libs are easy to print, and lots of fun! Wedding games offer your guests the opportunity to bond with one another and has the ability to create an overall fun and joyous atmosphere. Trained Drivers, Well Maintained Buses, Reasonable Price, Available 24/7. We are open 24-hours, 365 days a year. Each of our vehicles is specially equipped to satisfy all your needs.

12 Family Fun Games for a Superb Wedding Reception

If you are trying to figure out the best way to go about having wedding games, then you have come to the right blog. Wedding games offer your guests the opportunity to bond with one another and has the ability to create an overall fun and joyous atmosphere. Your guests will be delighted to call your local Phoenix Limo Service and hop in a Limo Rental Phoenix loves and head to your wedding, knowing that there will be fun activities to participate in!

Outdoor venues certainly provide the most room for wedding games, so consider grabbing a venue that has a spacious lawn or courtyard.

Indoor gaming areas may take a little bit more thought by creating designated areas for activities, and finding games that are just as fun, but that can be played indoors.

If you can’t imagine having your wedding without a fun competitive game of tennis or ping-pong, you may want to consider renting out an indoor sports center for your wedding reception. 

Top wedding games:

Raise the tension with giant Jenga. The great thing about it being giant, is that even the people who are not playing can still see what is happening and enjoy the game.

Twister is a classic, but lawn twister can support as many people as you would like it too. Keep it simple and grab a Limo Service Phoenix utilizes daily and pick up the appropriate colors in spray paint and make your own in the lawn.

Bobbing for apples—it is also a great way to raise money for the honeymoon.

Inside wedding goers may want to consider bringing along a few game consoles for a versus competition.
Like reserving Limo Rental Phoenix AZ can rely on, mad lbs are easy to print, and lots of fun!

Ring toss, corn hole, piƱata, guess who, wheel of fortune, jeopardy, and board games are also great for weddings! Call us today at (602) 730.7122

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Welcome Wedding Guests as They Fly in to Phoenix Airport with Car Service

Getting married will usually involve welcoming guests who are flying for the occasion. As they get ready to come, arrange to provide them with a ride waiting at Phoenix Airport car service Phoenix Airport. You’ll make clear that they’re welcome and appreciated while allowing you to handle last minute wedding details instead of worrying about the ride itself.

Large or Small – We Can Handle All Groups

Professional transportation is for any size group – whether small or large. Car service to or from the Phoenix Airport can be provided in any sort of ride from a small sedan to a large-capacity charter. The fleet holding these wide-ranging and numerous machines is fully insured, impeccably clean, and preventatively maintained to keep challenges from disrupting the wedding guest experience. In addition, these comprehensively insured, bonded, and licensed rides are of newer condition and flawless mechanically and aesthetically. Our representatives will further the satisfaction of your group by providing any individualizations that you might need via around the clock, obliging customer service staff.

Consider Every Detail

Ensure that you think of all potentialities that could affect your wedding guests’ experience by arranging for a fully appropriate ride. While you could let them just take a rental or taxi, airport car service Phoenix Sky Harbor will allow for enhanced comfort and glamour to elevate the experience past the mundane. We make it possible for you to personalize the experience, prioritizing the experience of your wedding guests.

Requiring the Ultimate

As you make arrangements for your wedding guests’ transportation, the conveyance provided will be driven and operated by clear professionals and well-kept machines. We care for our machines to a condition of perfection regarding both mechanics and aesthetics, and we require that drivers complete training and testing procedures. Drug testing, background monitoring, and rigorous evaluations serve to screen the driving pool, and we also require continued performance and skill.  
As your wedding guests fly in to witness the happy event, they’ll need a lift to and from their flights. Instead of lessening the experience by allowing them to be stressed and upset, book them a professionally provided ride. Our rates are affordable, and reservations are as easy as ordering a pizza online. Furthermore, we’ll send an invoice immediately and provide constant availability for customer service throughout the plan following the booking. Allow us to help welcome your guests without allowing you to become distracted from last minute wedding details.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Phoenix Party Buses are becoming a Hot Wedding Trend

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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Discover Why Phoenix Party Buses are becoming a Hot Wedding Trend

Using limo buses for wedding transportation means one of two things, you have a lot of close knit friends and family to move around, or your wedding is also going to be the party of a lifetime. In either case a party bus rental Phoenix loves, will be the key to success and fun every step of the way.

A Phoenix party limo bus rental is more affordable than you might think and has enough room for bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen as well. Gather your best friends to your side for an experience after the wedding that is well beyond the standard of celebration. 
 You can use the Phoenix Bus Charter trusts, well before the wedding as well, going out for celebrations, bachelor/bachelorette parties and even just a great way to check out venues as a group. This fantastic opportunity will leave your friends speechless, but with lots of great stories to tell.

The fun of a party bus goes well into the night and lives on as a fantastic memory that was all about the best days and night the wedding afforded. It is not hard to find a party bus that fits your needs as many can be customized just for the experience you hope to have.
Consider a party bus the next time you think of wedding transportation and watch a great cycle of events unfurl. This big day only happens once, make sure you have the proper means to celebrate with a party bus that never lets the fun end.



Monday, 26 March 2018

Worthy Honeymoon Transportation in Phoenix via Airport Car Service Phoenix

The trip following your wedding ceremony should be a time when dissatisfaction and stress doesn’t affect practical experiences like travel arrangements. By booking Phoenix limo service, you’ll have less chance of minimizing or lessening your trip. Our company has procedures in place to decrease stress, elevate the experience, and design an environment for making appropriate memories.
Refuse Other Arrangements
While you can easily make other transportation plans for your honeymoon, choose professionally provided personal or corporate car service near me to start and finish your honeymoon with style. Leaving your own ride at the airport or depending on a cab or friend will really ruin the atmosphere of the trip. Make sure that it’s far from ordinary with special, punctual, and convenient transportation.

Honeymoon Continues While We Drive

Begin and end your honeymoon well by having the freedom to enjoy a touch of romance along with the overflow of happiness that should accompany your wedding. Airport car service near me includes provided driving services from well-trained, background screened, and drug-free verified professionals. The trip within our vehicles will offer the environment and freedom to set the tone appropriately. Our drivers will handle traffic and parking in a prompt fashion; they know the city and the best airport routes while also committing to remotely monitoring your flight and using updated navy systems.

Dependable Vehicles for Carefree Transportation Transitions

Your tastes might be different depending on the vehicle needed. Phoenix airport car service provided by our vehicle collective comes with a diverse range of options. We include glamorous seating spaces, provided refreshments, and flawless interiors, so you will enjoy each moment in a relaxed and easy fashion. In addition, the ride will be reliable performance wise. Aging vehicles are removed from our collective, and each is fully insured and remarkably well kept. You will not have to stress about the credibility or dependability of the conveyance provided by our company.  
Our business offers travel arrangements created for ease, luxury, and reliability. We offer everything necessary for carefree and conveniently booked transportation. Reserve with us via the Internet, and we offer individualization and assistance at all times. You’ll be able to begin your marriage with a focus on each other in an elevated ride that makes for an unforgettable journey even as you transition from wedding to honeymoon travel in style, freedom, and newly married worthy luxury via curbside chauffeured transport.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Celebration with a Charter Bus Rental Phoenix AZ

In order to plan a party worthy of the recipient, go with an
unconventional idea and host an entire road trip facilitated by a charter bus rental Phoenix, AZ. The decision to plan this kind of
occasion will be fully meet the expectations and preferences of the bachelor
and his close mates. Our entire group of machines provides the luxury needed,
and you won’t be dissatisfied with the outcome. Our company maintains each
machine to high standards with flawless environments and valuable performance

4 Fun Ways to Handle Intoxicated Guests at the Wedding

Let’s face it, if drinks are to be served at your wedding, there are bound to be a few people who have a bit too much to drink. There are...